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Rosenthal Development Corporation
Rosenthal Development Corporate Mission Statement
The principals believe in the concept of many properties (and clients) benefiting each individual one. Prospective tenants may then be courted for more than one location and/or be presented with the option of perhaps opening a presence in multiple properties managed by the Company. The Rosenthals refer to this as a "family" of properties, whether owned directly by them or not. Each property managed by the Company is handled as though it were their own. As with the accounting and systems integration divisions of Rosenthal & Rosenthal, LLC, the Rosenthals invest much of their time in developing personal relationships with their clients, and listening to their clients' needs and concerns. This translates to success for both the Company and its clientele.

Rosenthal Development's overarching management strategy is to leverage a particular property's strengths, while working to resolve weaknesses. This can be achieved through aggressive leasing incentives in some cases, by responsible cash management in others, and by direct, hard-line, landlord-tenant negotiations in yet others. Knowing which is the proper course of action for a particular property and/or tenant is the cornerstone of sound management practice.



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